Mynydd Du

Fell and Mountain Running Club

39 competitors braved low cloud and soggy conditions to find their way around the Mynydd Du and Llyn y Fan Fawr this weekend: 5.5 miles with an ample 2342 ft of climb.

Dan Doherty (Mynydd Du) led from the start (see video clip on our Facebook page -WFRA and other local races - thanks to Kean Rowlands for some interesting viewing and commentary!).

Reports at the finish reflected that during the race no one seemed to have a clue where anyone else was and people emerged from all kinds of unexpected directions at the end. Dan lost his lead to Jez Brown (Buckley) who was back in 50.06 (course record now set) who seemed surprised to be first back, as Dan got slightly misplaced in the cloud.

Hayley Evans (again of Buckley) was first lady home in 63.06 (course record) having shaken off her rivals who had headed off away in the clag in some other direction than the finish line. Well done Jez and Hayley.

2nd woman home was Rhian Probert and 3rd Rona Davies (both Mynydd Du).

2nd man Dan Doherty (Mynydd Du) and 3rd man Matt Stott (MDC). Well done all.

Category winners for the women were as follows:

Naomi Law (over 40), Bev Tucker (over 50), both Mynydd Du.

And for the men:

Billy Starling (under 23), Dan Sandford (over 40), Paul Tucker (over 50), John Aggleton (over 60), John Morris (over 70).

Well done all. Great to see some fantastic adventurous running from young and old. Inspiring. Thanks to our stalwart marshal on the hill Caz the Hat (Carwyn Phillips) and John Darby who did a great job trying to sweep a dispersed field!

See you next year. Diolch pawb

Sasha Habgood


Pos Firstname Surname Club Time Cat Pos    
1 Jez Brown Buckley RC 00:50:06      
2 Dan Doherty Mynydd Du 00:51:28      
3 Matt Stott MDC 00:52:22      
4 Dylan Griffiths Hebog 00:53:10      
5 Dan Sandford Forest of Dean 00:57:36 1st M o40
6 Craig Jones Eryri 00:57:55 2nd M o40
7 Billy Starling Mercia 00:59:25 1st M u23
8 Joe Starling Mercia 00:59:26 2nd M u23
9 Andy Pritchard Buckley 01:00:34 3rd M o40
10 Paul Tucker Mynydd Du 01:00:39 1st M o50
11 John Aggleton MDC 01:00:46 1st M o60
12 Daniel Lewis Wye Valley 01:00:52      
13 Edward Davies Mercia 01:01:10 2nd M o60
14 Martyn Driscoll MDC 01:01:29      
15 Hayley Evans Buckley 01:03:06 1st F  
16 Nick Dallimore MDC 01:06:46 3rd M o60
17 Rhian Probert Mynydd Du 01:06:57 2nd F  
18 Glyn Fletcher Maldwyn 01:07:02      
19 Rona Davies Mynydd Du 01:08:20 3rd F  
20 M Green Maldwyn 01:08:46      
21 Sue Howarth Mercia 01:08:52      
22 Hugh Morgan-Jones FRA 01:09:19      
23 Andy Blackmore MDC 01:10:40      
24 Naomi Law Mynydd Du 01:10:42 1st F o40
25 Bev Tucker Mynydd Du 01:14:48 2nd F o50
26 John Morris Buckley 01:16:46 1st M o70
27 Ellie Salisbury Eryri 01:17:40 3rd F o50
28 Adrian Moir MDC 01:18:07      
29 Caroline Dallimore MDC 01:19:38 1st F o60
30 David York Tattenhall 01:20:41      
31 Laura Clements MDC 01:21:50      
32 Helen Brown Mynydd Du 01:23:30      
33 Gary Gunner Croft Anbrey 01:24:50      
34 Dave Farrow Mercia 01:25:06      
35 John Darby Mynydd Du 01:31:19      
36 Sian Williams Hebog 01:40:24      
37 Ian Smith Forest of Dean 01:40:24      
38 David Jenkins Forest of Dean 01:57:18      
39 Fiona Dean N/A 01:57:18