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Some instructions for bloggers/authors on how to use the Mynydd Du blog.

First you need to be a Mynydd Du member with a login on this web site. If you do not already have this, please please contact the webmaster.

When you have signed in to the web site, if you have blogging permissions you will see an "Add Post" link on the blog page. Alternatively, click this link to create a new post.

This opens a page where you enter the post title and content, plus some options. I can write more help about this if people need it, but I hope it is self-explanatory to anyone who has done this kind of thing before. It uses "CKEditor", which is a very widely used WYSIWYG web editor.

If you upload images, please put them into the "Blog" folder.

The other way of blogging is to use a blogging "app" and configure it to send posts to this web site. On a PC, the best app for this is Windows Live Writer. There are some general instructions on how to use it with our Content Management System here, which can easily be adapted for

iPhone/iPad: there are various options, including the WordPress app, BlogPress, and Blogsy. Apparently Blogsy is the best, but I've never used any of them. As with Windows Live Writer, you need to configure it to be able to post to the Mynydd Du blog.  The information you will need to enter before you can post is:

Blog address:

plus your account details (email address and password). On connecting, it will probably tell you there are two blogs on the site, "Blog" and "Mynydd Du Race Results". Choose the first one!

Blog API: if you have to choose what kind of blog it is, choose Metaweblog API if that is one of the options.

Android phone/tablet: I have tested a few blogging apps, including the WordPress app and "Easy WordPress & Blogger", but I have not found one that works well with this site.

Windows Phone: TBC - I have tried Blog Client, without much success.

Windows tablet running Windows 8: Windows Live Writer as mentioned above for PC.


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