Mynydd Du

Fell and Mountain Running Club

Mynydd Du minutes AGM 12th January 2020


Clare Patterson, Tom Mollekin, Stacy Mollekin, Bev Tucker, Paul Tucker, Hannah Hopkinson, Andy Creber, Harri Like, Neil Coe, Rona Davies, Paul Colley Davies, James Scott, Zoe Proctor, James Woodier, Naomi Law, Matias Coombs, Adrian Orringe.


Emma W, Lou S, Terry V and Rhian P

Chairman’s report

Short and sweet, the club is growing year on year, the mini’s have exploded which is great to see.
Good to see so many members organising old and new races and lots of others helping.
Of course there is still plenty of room for more helpers, we seem to have a few core members that do far more than their fair share.
Look forward to running in 2020 with you all, big apologies for not being here in person.

Treasurers report

Balance end 2018 was £3700

Balance end 2019 was £4400

Secretary’s report

23 members not paid subs since 2017

30 members not paid subs since 2018

As discussed, an email will be sent to the above to ask if they would like to stay with the club if not their accounts on the website will be frozen so only paid up members are showing.

100 active members (paid in the last 12 months)

approximately 30 new members from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020

It was requested that reminder are sent in Dec for subs to be paid and further reminders in Jan listing who has not yet paid as some members said they couldn’t remember if they paid or not.

Cadair Idris

It was agreed that the club will spend approximately £100 on two trophies for Cadir Idris as team prizes (subject to the RO giving the go ahead). We won men’s and woman’s team last year and having a plaque engraved to place on each trophy.

Beginners – sustainability

There were concerns raising on keeping new members and the beginner’s sessions that were popular in the summer maybe were not regular enough to hook people into trying races or to keep coming back to training. Bev T and James S have agreed to start a Tuesday session (name of this to be confirmed) which hope to cater for beginners, those returning from injury, or just a shorter ‘less brutal club run’. Possible name ‘short/easy club run’ as it will be shorter in distance and have less climbing.

Club Champs

It was discussed that although it is great to have a club championship and that the fastest runners can win this, it would also make interesting battle if we also had an age graded championship.

Andy C has offered to run with this idea and create an age graded championship which will run alongside the main championships and use the same races (with maybe some races omitted such as the long race requirement). There will be a prize for the 1st female and 1st male.


After a long discussion on this area Andy C has kindly offered to look into the legal responsibilities of the main committee members roles and that of the club run leaders.

Zoe P has offered to assist Clare P with a few small amendments to the joining form to ensure new members are clear of the requirement to take responsibility of themselves out on club runs, and to look out for each other.

Hannah H discussed a fell run leader course that she hopes to help organise in the autumn where a trainer will come to Wales and train a group. This will help with insurances and legal requirements etc.

Also Zoe P is looking into outdoor first aid courses that will help us all be safer out on runs and for races.

It is proposed that we will be using club funds to fund this upskilling of the club members.


It was queried whether people leading the junior events need to be DBS checked. Members agreed that if they are a registered run leader or coach, they are DBS checked for this. It was also agreed that during the mini weekly session we are covered in this area and for races Harri L was going to look into using a similar system as junior park runs where there would either be two adults at a marshal point or every adult was in the view of another adult. It was seen unrealistic to DBS check every helper for a race day.

Bev T also mentioned that Powys council do offer a DBS checking service for £10 if we wanted to get any members to hold a DBS for races if they regularly volunteer.

Clare P going to check the status of the welfare officer’s role and make sure the DBS is up to date for WA.

Committee roles

There was only one change to the committee. James Scott with now be in charge of the kit (vests and buffs).

James Woodier will house the tent and rest of the race equipment.


Zoe P raised the point that we use our countryside often and it would be nice to give back something. She is looking into different projects the members may like to take part in. One idea is a groups tree planting session such as the ‘plant a million trees’ project.


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