Mynydd Du

Fell and Mountain Running Club

Annual General Meeting 2019: Minutes

Sunday 13 Jan - 2pm, after Grim Reaper Llangors Race


Emma B, Stacey M, Harri L, Clare P, Tom M, Lou S, Llinos D, Rona D, Andrew D, Tim W, James W, Paul C, Ruth P, Neil C, Paul T, Andy C, Hannah H (Mark H, Tess W)



Alun Wood, Helen Brown, Crispin Flower


Chairman's report

2018 has been a fantastic year for Mynydd Du. Throughout the year there have been strong performances and turn-outs not just at training nights but at races too, by both the men and women. I think we now have one of the strongest women's teams that I have seen since becoming a member. Us men aren't doing too bad either! Two team trips away have seen us at both ends of the country, with IOW and the Fell Relays in the stunning Lake District. Well done all that was able to make these trips to represent Mynydd Du

The club has grown so much this year, which is fantastic for us all and the sport of fell running. It's great to see the addition of Monday night speed sessions being such a success: well done to Andy and Tom for making a little idea over a pint one evening into reality. 

Also very impressed with the mighty "mini dragons". This was a fantastic idea, and I'm so glad it's such a hit - long may it continue and grow. These kids are the future of fell running and to see them enjoying it like they do is just brilliant. Well done to all who make it happen week in week out.

Finally a huge well done to all members for all your help in making Mynydd Du the great club that it is. 2018 was a good year; let's make 2019 even better.



Treasurer's report

Profit and Loss:

Accounts based on cash transactions only.

Net income/expenditure for year as at 31/12/18 was negative: -£687.10 which is explained by the one-off purchase of the club tent. Profits from the Fans weekend are yet to be received and accounted for.

Detailed accounts available outlined all incomes and costs.

Balance Sheet:

This is essentially just the bank accounts we hold less the Pen-y-fan record liability.

Cash available to spend stands at £3,659.46 as at 31/12/18.

Detailed report available.

Secretary's report

2018 membership numbers:- 87 paid up members, a handful more active but subs not paid in 2018.

Grants applied for and received:- £1100 from Sport wales which went on courses. 6 First aid courses complete, one course to be completed - ML.

Future grants needed:- A grant will be applied for in retrospect for the club tent. We would also like to apply for grants for LiFR courses and a Coach, specifically for the children’s section.


Election of Officers

The following club positions were decided:

Position Elected
Chair Emma Bayliss
Treasurer Tom Mollekin
Secretary Claire Patterson
Training Coordinator James Woodier
Kids' Training Coordinator Hannah Hopkinson
Website Manager Crispin Flower
Kit Secretary Julian Price & Andy Dickens
Men's Captain Tom Mollekin
Men's Vice Captain Mark Hopkinson
Women's Captain Harri Like
Women's Vice Captain Sam Toop



Monday – Speed/hills, Andy/Tom co-ordinate at 6.30 from varying locations. The sessions have gone well in 2018 and are to continue in 2019.

Wednesday - James Woodier will co-ordinate at 7pm from varying locations.

Navigation - Ed will be in touch re a nav education session in 2019.

Children’s section

Monday 6.30 for training, again varying locations.

Fees - £5 annually per child. Parents accompany children as standard.

Hannah/Harri have secured the purchase of kit for the children's training sessions. This comprises of 10 x bumbags, hi-vis, whistles, compass. Also a coaching rucksack and first aid kit.

Clare is a qualified paediatric first aider and holds a welfare qualification for children.

MD has agreed to fund Hannah's coaching qualification; Tom to sort funds.


Fees to stay at £10 annually for Adults. Renewal to stay in January. Noted that WA renewal runs April-April, however if you join after 1st Jan it runs on.

Club Constitution - now on website, any amendments needed please contact Emma or Clare asap.



Agreed to create a closed group for the Mini Dragons to improve safety and reduce any small risk that may be present.

Agreed that the main facebook page will stay as it currently is. It will be looked into if the club can create a forum or a closed training group for club members only, to use around training and meeting up for recces , etc.


Fell relays 2019

Number of teams - 3 teams were agreed.

Team types - It was agreed that in 2019 we will put the best team forward and work back from there. Depending on availability of runners we will aim for this A team to be the mixed team.

A deposit of £20 per runner will be taken this year to show commitment of wanting to run, due to the constant number of last minute cancellations or drop outs.


Club Champs 2019

Hatterall Sledge - Feb M

Tour of Torpantau - March M

Cwmdu - May M

Llanthony show - Aug S

Fan Brycheiniog - Sept M

Black Mountains - Sept L

Night Sugar - Nov S

4 out of 7 to count - ALL AGREED and Crispin to collate results as in 2018.


Club trips 2019

IOW: agreed

Cader Idris Race: agreed

Snowdon: agreed

Idea put forward of the club putting on some training weekends either up in the lakes or in Snowdonia. This could be a weekend devoted to training or a day training and a day for a race. Andy C agreed to look into and lead on.

Alun W proposed a summer trip to the Peak District, in order to recce the relays.



Coaching - prev discussed children’s coaches.

Still need to get some members on LliFR course as no local courses in 2018.

Alun W - Put forward WA subs run April to April so do we need to amend MD renewal. Previously discussed to leave as it stands Jan to Jan for now.

Ruth stated that not many have come forward to marshal for L to B. It was agreed that it would be shared again on facebook and a club e mail sent out. It was noted that this was not just an L to B problem or indeed a MD problem. It was noted that it always seems to be the same people volunteering to help/marshal and that we all need to put something back into the sport.

It was put forward that a points system could be created alongside the club champs. So that those who marshal would gain club champs points for doing so. Unsure who will take this forward as yet.

Andy D asked where the money from Fans weekend and L to B race was as the spreadsheet shows no profit. It was stated that the fans weekend money was still to be sorted by Crispin and Ruth stated that L to B just about broke even, due to great prizes, more budget for food and the new timing system. Emma B stated that any profit was a bonus and we don’t hold races to create a profit but that when we do make profit its fed back into the club.




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