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Advert for running style clinics

Martin contacted us with the following, and seemed genuine. I'd love it if he could sort out my achilles/calves/hamstrings and all the other bits that hurt when I runshuffle, but I just spent my last tenner on a nice cabernet sauvignon:

My name is Martin Owens I am a UKA qualified coach; I coach at the University of Birmingham and have been coaching running for 30 years. Recently I took early retirement and have decided to turn my passion into an extended career.

I would appreciate if you would pass on the following message to your club members offering them running style clinics via your social media or web site. 

Thank you


£10 to reduce injuries and run more efficiently

If you are plagued with injuries or just want to run more efficiently please go to or phone 07803709790 and find out about running clinics from £10 that can improve your running style and reduce injuries.