Mynydd Du

Fell and Mountain Running Club

Cwmdu Race 2013

A decent crowd of Mynydd Du runners turned out for the new Cwmdu Race yesterday. A couple of MDC buddies were asking where we had all come from, and was it a special occasion? As it turned out, MDC grabbed the top two places, with a confident performance from Hugh Aggleton as expected, and a great run from Matt Stott who has really found some form this year and overtook Mark P on the final rubbley path. But strength in depth won Mynydd Du the (virtual) team prize, somewhat begrudgingly announced by Dick Finch!

The new venue and course were appreciated by all in perfect conditions - a hard ten miler that will certainly be on my list next year.

Notable club performances included Mark Palmer in third place, despite saving himself for the insane "City to Summit" race next weekend (good luck!), Ade Woods 1st v50 and 8th overall, and Sharon Woods 1st v50 female.

Results below, borrowed from the WFRA site spreadsheet. Anyone got any photos?


1 Hugh Aggleton MDC M 77.16
2 Matt Stott MDC M 77.42
3 Mark Palmer Mynydd Du M40 78.23
4 Martin Shaw Mynydd Du M40 85.10
5 Mike Evans TROTs M 85.57
6 Ben Gibbison Mynydd Du M 86.11
7 Marcus Pinker   M 89.32
8 Ade Woods Mynydd Du M50 89.42
9 Crispin Flower Mynydd Du M40 89.47
10 Daniel Hooper Sarn Helen M40 89.55
11 Mark Bown Bath M 89.58
12 Colin Lancaster Mercia M50 92.25
13 John Aggleton MDC M50 92.31
14 Alex Lewis Neath M 92.52
15 Lauren Jeska Aberystwyth F 93.04
16 Niki Morgan Chepstow F40 94.40
17 Robert Wilson M50 M50 95.02
18 Sian Roberts TROTS F40 96.08
19 Julian Boon FOD M40 96.56
20 Dave Austin Chepstow M40 98.11
21 Louise Barker Aberystwyth F 98.39
22 Peter Osborne Llanelli M50 99.52
23 Gavin Brace   M 100.11
24 Adrian Noble Weston M50 100.24
25 Sean Taylor Mynydd Du M 100.36
26 Helen Marshall Swansea F 100.45
27 Nicola Gething Mynydd Du F40 100.49
28 Keith Agmen BOK M 101.24
29 Emma Bayliss Mynydd Du F 102.07
30 Kyle Cardey   M 102.14
31 Josh Harris Weston M40 102.24
32 Nick Biggs   M 102.52
33 Adrian Gwillian Fairwater M40 103.05
34 Mark Cason Mynydd Du M40 103.05
35 Ed Dickson MDC M 103.31
36 Simon Blease Brycheiniog M50 105.42
37 Simon Davies   M40 106.03
38 Rhian Probert   F40 110.05
39 Andrew Dickens Mynydd Du M40 111.40
40 Jay Grigson Chiltern M 112.17
41 Sharon Woods Mynydd Du F50 112.23
42 Gary Gunner Croft Ambrey M60 112.50
43 Stuart Thomson Mynydd Du M50 113.05
44 Les Williams Eryri M60 114.38
45 John Darby Mynydd Du M60 115.13
46 Anne Marie Harris Mynydd Du F40 115.45
47 Naomi Law Mynydd Du F40 115.45
48 Mike Halsall Llanelli M40 117.38
49 Kim Chester FOD M40 120.41
50 Lou Davies Mynydd Du F40 120.53
51 Phil Miles   M60 120.53
52 Carl Brancher Mynydd Du M50 121.38
53 Sue Tagg Parc Bryn Bach F40 128.32
54 Gerry Ashton Chepstow M50 130.39
55 Robert Morris Wye V R M50 132.01
56 Martyn Peters Hereford C M60 132.01
57 Jan Richards Mynydd Du F40 134.14
58 Rob West MDC M70 134.56
59 Helen Duffield Chepstow F40 139.37
60 Tosh Simkin Chepstow M40 139.47
61 Karen Elvers Chepstow F40 141.30
62 Gareth Jones MDC M60 141.31

Cribyn Race finds a good home

After several good years in charge, Helen Fines has finally decided that driving down from Yorkshire to organise the Cribyn Race, as well as baking about twenty massive cakes for the runners, is not sustainable. So she's handed the race on to Mynydd Du, and Sean Taylor has stepped up to the mark as the new race organiser.

Cribyn Race

I've added the race to our races page, and Sean will continue the race's own web site with the help of Dave Austin.

It's a tough race that really sorts the men from the boys - let's hope it goes from strength to strength with Sean and Mynydd Du at the helm.